Standard white background images.

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Group Photos

Price includes up to 2 products in one photo.

+ $10
Additional for each photo containing 3-5 products.

+ $20
Additional for each photo containing 6-9 products.

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For photos containing more than 10 items, please contact us for a custom quote.

Image Add Ons

+ $15
Per Image

+ $5
Per Image

+ $10
Per Image

Turnaround time

Standard turnaround time is 7 business days
from when we receive your product.

There are a few exceptions which you can
 read about here.

Need your photos faster?
Get them in 3 Business Days.

$15 additional per photo for 3 day rush service.
Please call to confirm availability.

What You Get

High Resolution Files
We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality imagery you can get. We provide Images at 3000 x 3000 px at 300dpi. This optimized file size will be more than sufficient for almost any print application and more than large enough for any web use! If needed, we can also provide larger images upon request at no additional charge.
Basic Retouching
We will provide the basic necessities when it comes to retouching, which will ensure that your product sits cleanly against a pure white (255) background, in addition to any requested shadow and/or reflection. We will color correct, add contrast, and sharpness to each photo to match the products true color under standard lighting conditions. We will do minor clean-up to remove surface scratches and/or imperfections. Some products may require additional retouching based upon the condition of the product, and will be billed accordingly.
Proof Gallery
We want to make sure that you are happy with how the product is shot before moving forward with the process. We provide a proofing gallery for ease of approval before the shots are finalized. Any changes and/or non approved images may delay the final delivery.
Images On White For eCommerce Use
All Images will be delivered on a white background. This is a requirement for websites such as Amazon.  You have the option of having a reflection, natural shadow, or no shadow.  Please let us know your preference when you place your order.
Unlimited Usage Agreement
We will grant unlimited world-wide usage rights for the final images to the company purchasing the service. In short, you can use them in any media capacity that you see fit for however long you need! The only exception is usage and/or distribution through a 3rd party, during which time an additional usage agreement will be negotiated separately. Please contact us for more information.

Our product photography is Amazon compliant. We deliver images more than 3x larger than Amazon's minimum image requirements. Price List
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