Why Is Product Photography So Important?

In light of recent world events, eCommerce sales and online transactions are skyrocketing while brick-and-mortar stores are taking a financial hit. This shift has contributed to a highly competitive online market for business owners while offering more convenience to the shopper. To thrive in the online market, whether it’s through popular platforms like Amazon or Shopify, business owners will have to find creative ways to enhance the online shopping experience.
Over 80% of online shoppers have indicated that the product images were a key deciding factor in whether they completed an online transaction or not. Customers want online photos to accurately showcase the product, often in multiple angles, which helps to substitute the experience of holding the product within their hands.
Many business owners often try to cut cost and photograph their products using a mobile device. While most device’s camera quality and built-in color filters have come a long way, as professional product photographers we will be able to capture and enhance your product to elevated heights and deliver elite level imagery that will increase conversion and boost your sales.
The Key Importances Of Professional Product Photography:
First Step In Customer Engagement: The product photo is the first place a customer will look. This will either hold the customer’s attention or drive him/her to look at your competitor’s product listings instead. In most cases, the visual aspect of looking at the product images often takes precedence over perusing written content.
Accurately Capture Your Product: Multiple angles and optimized lighting will give the customer an accurate illustration of what they should expect your product to look upon arrival. About 28% of returns occur when your product photography doesn’t match the actual product; professional shots will save you both time and money in addition to strengthening customer retention and repeat sales.
Enhance Your Brand: A signature angle or photography style can make or break your company’s brand and image. Professionally captured images can elevate your brand to provide cohesion and continuity. Professional product photography is proven to increase conversions and increase the brands appeal to the customer. Just ask yourself, would you trust a company / product with poor imagery where you cant tell if the product is of adequate quality?
Distinguish Yourself Amongst The Competition: A clean and polished image can set you apart from your competitors. Your choice in product staging and styling can achieve what other companies might lack in creative vision. In most cases, this is the ultimate factor in whether your viewers checkout or scroll away.

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Product photos are the first thing a customer sees. We will make your products look AMAZING. Years of experience in marketing and advertising has helped us develop a process that provides high quality results at an affordable price.